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P14/1265 13/02/2015DC PublicEmail withdrawing application 3244651
P14/1265 31/12/2014Development Consultee ResponseConsultee response Environment Agency re meeting 13209552
P14/1265 23/12/2014Decision NoticePPUDEC - Decision Notice3207743
P14/1265 22/12/2014DC ObjectionObjector - 53 William Street3207004
P14/1265 17/12/2014DC ObjectionObjection - 53 William Street3204275
P14/1265 17/11/2014Development Consultee ResponseConsultee Response - Environment Agency3183886
P14/1265 31/10/2014Development Consultee ResponseConsultee Response - The Coal Authority3171547
P14/1265 21/10/2014Development Consultee ResponseEA3161798
P14/1265 14/10/2014Development Consultee ResponseUrban Design3155029
P14/1265 13/10/2014SupportSupporter - 46 Swindell Road31528410
P14/1265 10/10/2014DC Objection116 letters of objection C/O SNOW31522511
P14/1265 09/10/2014DC ObjectionObjection - 46 Swindell Road31503512
P14/1265 07/10/2014DC ObjectionObjector - 6 Tarvine Mews31470713
P14/1265 01/10/2014DC Objection1 Tarvin Mews31389314
P14/1265 01/10/2014DC ObjectionObjection 1 Travin Mews31389415
P14/1265 29/09/2014DC ObjectionAmendments to previous objection - 9 Seagers Lane31355816
P14/1265 29/09/2014DC ObjectionObjections and petition sent C/O SNOW31358717
P14/1265 29/09/2014DC ObjectionObjections from SNOW31356618
P14/1265 29/09/2014DC ObjectionObjector - 17 Raven Court Hill Street31358819
P14/1265 29/09/2014DC ObjectionObjector - 53 William Street31359020
P14/1265 29/09/2014DC ObjectionObjector - Baxter Road31358921
P14/1265 29/09/2014DC PublicCorrespondence from SNOW re: Environment Agency re31356422
P14/1265 26/09/2014DC ObjectionObjection31344623
P14/1265 26/09/2014DC ObjectionObjector - 42 Springfield Road31350924
P14/1265 26/09/2014DC ObjectionObjector - 82 Church Street31344025